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We Need Freelance Writers

(Yes... That means you)

As you’ll probably be able to guess by this terrible copy, we need good writers to help us create content for our ever increasing list of online real-estate (a.k.a websites). If you think you’ve got the gift of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard?) contact us for more info on how you could earn a little extra working with us on a freelance basis.

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About Skills Academy

Skills Academy is a private distance education provider operating mostly in the FET band. Depending on the needs of the learners, the programmes we offer might be accredited qualifications, own programmes, short courses or internationally recognised programmes.

We offer accessible learning to adult learners. For the vast amount of learners who do not have access to full-time or face-to-face learning, we offer a way to study. Thus our learners are adult learners, many of whom have full-time jobs.

Skills Academy aims to differentiate itself from established distance education providers in the FET band, by offering proactive student engagement and innovative financial help.

How It Works


Step 1: Write

You let us know you’re interested by completing the form and we’ll contact you with a brief with instructions on what to write.

Step 2 : Evaluation

Your article will then be assessed according to our quality requirements, and if it is up to standard, we will publish the article.

Step 3: Get Paid

We’ll pay you and send you additional articles for completion as we require them, if you are interested.

Important information

Please be aware of all of the following before submitting your application.

1. We need you to help us write in-depth articles and news articles for websites

2. We will test you by giving an article to do, we will pay for it, and then decide if add you to our group of freelance writers

3. We expect the work to be impeccably edited

4. The writing must be at the right register (use this tool to check the writing level)

5. Articles will be 1 300 words or more

6. We are offering R130 per article

7. We will test of the work is original – copying someone else will get you thrown out! (use this tool or this one to check originality)

Here’s What’s In It For You

Skills Academy is looking for some skilled writers to write insightful well researched articles. These articles can be written by anyone as long as they follow a certain standard. While you will obviously be paid for your efforts, this is also a great opportunity for people who are interested in journalism and those who hope to do research related work.

Writing these articles will be a huge advantage for individuals who are looking to or are already studying journalism, and even if that isn’t the case. The job will help with the research projects that you will most likely encounter either in your future jobs or in your studies.

Not only that but have any kind of job experiences puts you in a more positive light when it comes to future employers. It shows that you are someone who is willing to work hard as you have done so in the past.


Still at School?

Yes, we want you to write for us! If you read anything and everything, read more than anyone else, and if you are getting high marks for your essays, then this can be your way to earn some extra money.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about signing up as a freelance writer for Skills Academy, complete the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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